Two birds with one sunset




I just put the hanging sleeve on the back of this sunset and it’s up on the wall. It is entitled “Clayton Lake Sunset”

I’ve been really busy trying to get the word out about my long arm quilting business. To do this I’ve joined guilds, gone on retreats, joined up for workshops, anything I can do to meet quilters and spread the word. Many times this means completing a project or block of the month or a president’s challenge.

This month I had 2 different challenges due. What to do? Well I decided that I could con two groups of people into thinking that this one wall hanging was their challenge….and it worked. Well it would have worked if I wasn’t so proud of myself that I had created one piece of work the fit the criteria for 2 different groups that I had to tell every one.

Turns out I’m a good quilter, but a terrible secret keeper!

Whatever goes around, comes around

I have been the head cook and bottle washer in this house for many a year. Then I found quilting. Many times we joked about not having supper cause mom’s quilting, or how do you know when supper’s ready? There’s smoke in the kitchen and the supper detector is beeping. OK so I’ve set a few suppers on fire and have sprinkles icing sugar on a few black cookies to trick people. Who hasn’t?  I’ve had three sons and a husband to raise, and they are a lippy bunch, let me tell you.


After  25 years my quilting obsession became my job, and I love it! My husband, Charlie, is semi retired and has decided to take up some of the house keeping chores, namely cooking and laundry. I am so lucky to do what I love all day and then come upstairs to a nice supper. Tonight, however, was just a little different.


Have you ever heard the saying, what goes around, comes around?  Well….


Tonight we were sitting in the living room having a visit before supper. Charlie jumps up from the couch and runs into the kitchen. Turns out the oven is on fire. HA! I mean….oh dear. Then he grabs a water sprayer to put it out. I’m thinking water + grease = NO WAIT, but I am too late. Luckily whatever was burning wasn’t full of grease and the water did the trick. Unfortunately the house filled with smoke, the dog ran to the front door and sat there whining and cursing his lack of opposable  thumbs, and, people, my time has come.


Yo Charlie! Supper must be ready cause something’s on fire. I can hear the supper alarm beeping. He doesn’t have an oven, he has a protein to carbon converter. Icing sugar will not fix this…… Ya that felt good.

 Seriously, Dianne shouldn’t try to pick on the IT guru. I can ALWAYS get the last word!  Supper was perfect despite the fire. Vigilance saved the day. No flavor changing or color disguises required.

What was burning? ??  10 year old food spills that had finally fallen down into the flame area. I guess I need to take over appliance cleaning too!  At least the water bombers were not circling like they do when Dianne bar-b-que’s.♠ :-P


Robert ain’t no square!!!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThese are pictures of Robert Pauly’s most wonderful quilt. The quilting pattern is called boxed maze and it quilted beautifully. The pictures are lovely, but I wish you could see it in person. It is too much fun.

Some of this week’s quilts


This is Robert Pauly’s lovely strip quilt. He chose a tight cross hatch in black.


This Irish chain has an all over pattern

Quilting by the Woodstove


To the left, you can see my desk where my sewing machine usually sits. Above, you can see the Gammill long arm, with the woodstove in the background. It “sounds” cozy, but often I have to work in shorts and a T-shirt!


Latest Redwork

This was an early custom design of Redwork, featuring historic buildings around Almonte.

Redwork example flapping in the wind

Redwork example flapping in the wind

The Godat Qillt


The Godat Qillt